Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jedi is Three!

Last Saturday was Jedi's birthday. At three, my baby boy in no longer a baby. We had fun celebrating his first birthday with a doggie cake, silly hat and toys. For his second birthday he got another cake, a collar and some fun balls. This year, we're doing something different. We're giving back.

Jedi is healthy, and happy, and has more toys than he needs. To be honest, what he wants is to walk in the woods and pee on trees. The cake and silly hats are for me. This year I bought a hat and was going to make a cake but it felt empty. You see, I discovered that my unofficial mentor has cancer -- again. I feel angry. And helpless. Celebrating in light of this news just felt wrong.

Backstory: When I got Jedi I said I wanted to start showing him. I had a couple GSD club members who showed and thought they would offer assistance. For whatever reason, they didn't. I was on my own. And then Corgi Woman showed up. We had mutual friends. CW had shepherds in the past, so she knew some good stuff. And for some reason she decided to help me. She sent me information, gave me tips, encouraged me. She would look for me at the shows and watch me from ringside. It sound great -- it is! -- but I'm not a special case. I've discovered that CW is always willing to help anyone, anywhere with anything dog-related. She's the kindest, gentlest, most loving person I've ever met. In some cruel, cosmic joke cancer has attacked her three separate times -- yet dog-killer Michael Vick still lives and breathes. IT'S NOT FAIR!

Just before Jedi's birthday I heard about Bark for Life. The American Cancer Society and one of our local national parks have joined together for a FUNdraiser. Participants will take a 1-mile stroll through beautiful Fort Caroline. In honor of CW, Jedi and I signed up. Jedi will get to pee on trees and I get to feel like I'm doing something to help a woman who has given me so much. Here's our fund-raising page. Relax, I'm not asking for money (though we won't turn it down if you fell moved to make a donation). I am asking for prayers and happy thoughts for CW. And if any of you are/will be in the area, please consider joining us.

OK, enough sad talk. It's Thoughtless Thursday! Hop around below and see what others are thinking (and not thinking) about today. Thank you Ruckus the Eskie, M.K. Clinton and the pups over at Love is Being Owned by a Husky for hosting this hop. -- K

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Drogo's Game

Well, it's finally happened. Drogo's fame has gone to his head.
Seriously, this is one incredible reptile. In fact, Drogo now has his own spin tile game. Hubby's friend took Drogo's photos and turned them into a free phone app. It's mindless fun. Curious? You can find it here. I hope you check it out. Hubby's friend says that if enough people like (i.e. rate) the game he'll add more photos to it.

It's Wordless Wednesday. Hop around and see what others are sharing today. -- K