Fashion Dragon

When people hear about our personal zoo they always assume it's my doing. Surely it's the animal control officer who wants to bring in all these critters. I'm here to set the record straight -- it's not me! Hubby has the soft heart, and if he had his way we'd need an ark to transport our menagerie. A while back he wanted a bearded dragon. Son #1 had one and Hubby really liked it. I said no a hundred times. Time 101 I relented, but it came with two conditions:
  1. Hubby always cleans the cage and
  2. I get to dress it in silly hats and take pictures
Surprisingly, Hubby said yes and Drogo joined our family. Since then I've been on a quest for fun, lizard-sized props.

P.S. Drogo now has his own game! It's a free app for mindless lizard fun. Click here to see it. BTW, the game creator said that if the game gets enough likes, he'll add even more photos. So, check out the game and make sure to rate it. Give Drogo five gold stars!

Drogo's first portrait:

A portrait befitting his name:

We had fun setting up his tank.
Unfortunately, the humiliation only gets worse from here!

Drogo O'Dragon:

Eggstra Special Delivery:

Drogo de Mayo:

Drogo Goes Dewback for Star Wars Day:
Wild, Wild Lizard:
The Big Kahuna:


The Big Fish Story:

King of the Dinosaurs:

Look Into My Eyes:

Thug Life:

Party Animal:

Peary Nice:

Storming the Castle:

Drogo's Booty:

Patriotic Lizard:

Sepia Dragon:

Who's the Fairest One of All?

School Days:

Happy Autumn:

Reptile Extraordinaire:

Bewitching Drogo:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reptile:
In A Galaxy Far, Far Away:

Drogo Takes the Cake:

Spring is in the Air:

Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard:

Poor Drogo. Come back later to see what we do next!

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