Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Showtime -- The Aftermath

I didn't know there was math involved!
There are a few things that must be completed before a show committee can say everything is done.

Day Of:
  • Ensure that the steward's and secretary's catalogs match the Judge's Book (which is really just a couple sheets of paper).
  • Double check the number of dogs judged (may differ from number of entries) and verify the points earned for the show. This is a big deal!
  • Mark a catalog for the judge to keep.
  • The Judge's Book must be signed.
  • Apparently there is supposed to be a cover sheet that goes along with the Judge's Book, but I can't find one online or in the AKC manual. The judge handwrote the information on the front of the Judge's Book. (Note to self: design something for next year.)
  • It's best to have the club treasurer at the show with checkbook in hand. The photographer will want to settle up and the judges may have additional expenses they need to be reimbursed. Plus, there are always last minute purchases, no matter how hard you plan.

Within the week:
  • A marked catalog must be sent to the AKC.
  • The Report of Dog Show or Obedience Trial form must be filled out and fees tallied. The AKC charges the club $3.50 per entry (on top of the initial $100 they charge just to have the show). Annotate any unusual events on the form.
  • The Judge's Book, a marked catalog, the Report of Dog Show or Obedience Trial and the check all have to be sent to the AKC within seven days of the show. FYI: If you have two shows in one day (like we did) you must send the information separately.
  • I learned later that our parent club, The German Shepherd Dog Club of America, also wants a marked catalog and copies of the win pictures. Unfortunately, they didn't tell us up front, nor do they advertise who/where to send this information.

For A While:
  • Per AKC, the club must hold onto all entry forms for six months. It's a good idea to have a copy of the judge's book and any other paperwork (i.e. disciplinary hearing) on hand as well.
  • Keep a clean, marked catalog for the club.
  • Once the show is over and all bills have been paid, it's a good idea to have the club treasurer draw up a profit and loss statement for the show.

  • While the event is still fresh, the show committee should sit down and discuss what worked, what didn't and what could be done better the next time. (I suggest this be done over a bottle a wine.)
  • Ideally, a folder will be made for posterity/the next show committee. That folder should include:
    • Copies of all paperwork related to the show -- applications, letters, judges contracts, vendor orders, the premium, the catalog, the Report of Dog Show or Obedience Trial, etc.
    • The profit and loss statement
    • After action notes from the committee
    • Passwords to the Show Secretary email and PayPal accounts
    • A flash drive containing the master address list, premium and catalog (to be used templates -- seriously, we shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel every year!)
  • Don't spend too much time resting on your laurels (or licking your wounds, depending on how well the show went). It's time to start planning for next year!

Whew. That was a lot of work. Did you learn anything? I sure did! -- K

Monday, April 9, 2018

Showtime -- The Big Day

Manning my table
On April 6, 2018, nine months of hard work finally paid off. 25 beautiful dogs came to our German Shepherd Specialty shows. The weather was clear and warm. But as show secretary, I didn't have time to watch the show. I had work to do!

The Show Secretary's table was set up ringside. With me was a big box of stuff including:
  • Entry forms. Per the AKC the club must have "All entry forms, arranged in catalog order so the Secretary can easily refer to these forms to answer any questions exhibitors may raise." (Trust me, they raise questions!)
  • Armbands for all exhibitors. To make things easier for everybody, the Secretary should print the dog's name and class on the backside of the armband. (Not my invention. Just passing on what I've learned from others.)
  • Catalogs. Have one for the table (mark "TABLE COPY, DO NOT REMOVE" on it -- 'cuz they will). Catalogs will also be needed for stewards, judges, AKC and to be purchased by anyone who wants one. However, the AKC mandates that the catalog cannot go on sale until one hour prior to regular judging.
  • The latest versions of the AKC booklets: Rules Applying to Dog Shows Rules, Policies and Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges, Dog Show Stewards, Junior Showmanship, Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline, and Dealing with Misconduct. Fortunately, the AKC sends these ahead of time.
  • CYA forms Event Committee Hearing Procedural Checklist forms, Club Incident Report forms, Dog Aggression -- Action by Event Committee forms and Dog Disqualified by Judge for Attacking forms. (Pray you don't have to use them!) The AKC sends these as well.
  • A copy of the Premium. Remember, this is the contract the club made with the exhibitors. The club should abide by all the promises made in the premium. By the same token, the premium contained regulations and disclaimers that the exhibitors agreed to when they entered.
    Winners Bitch competition
  • A list of pre-ordered catalogs.
  • A list of anyone who may owe or be owed money for entries or catalogs. (It happens.)
  • Any miscellaneous things you may need like pens, markers, rubber bands, badges, clipboards, tape and a stapler.
We're a small club, so everybody pulls double (and triple) duty. In addition to manning my table I arrived early to unload the trailer, helped set up the concessions tent, helped the afternoon steward (it was her first time and she was nervous), answered a bajillion questions and refrained from choking a regular busybody. When the show was over I helped break down and reload the trailer before going out to dinner to celebrate a job well done. It was a l-o-n-g day. All we have left is the aftermath, then we can call this show officially over. -- K

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Showtime -- The Catalog

The premium was sent out March 1 and entries trickled in -- until the closing date. Then all the entries came at once! Putting together an official show catalog isn't easy.

Dogs (male) or bitches (females) are entered into a specific class. This year our club offered the following classes:
  • PUPPY DOGS (6 months to under 9 months)
  • PUPPY DOGS (9 months to under 12 months)
  • DOGS (12 months to under 18 months)
  • PUPPY BITCHES (6 months to under 9 months)
  • PUPPY BITCHES (9 months to under 12 months)
  • BITCHES (12 months to under 18 months)
The entrants are listed in the catalog by class with a whole lot of information. The specified listing required by the AKC is:

Our catalog!
DOG'S FULL REGISTERED NAME. Registration number. Date of birth. Breeder's name by sire's full registered name -- dam's full registered name. Owner's name, full address. (Hired agent, handler)

It looks something like this:
ROLLING STONES' JUMPIN JACK FLASH. DN12345678. 07/04/15. Breeder: John Lennon by GCH Hard Daze Knight -- CH Strawberry Fields V Yesterday, TC. Owners: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, 123 Disney World Dr, Orlando, FL 32830. (Harry Potter, Handler)
Trust me, that's quite the task. First of all, not all handwriting is legible. I had to email several people for clarification. Also, some registered names are outrageous -- hyphens, apostrophes, alternative spellings. Ugh. The Show Secretary's job is to ensure every jot and tittle is correct. I ended up going to breeders' websites and calling owners to confirm the proper spelling of over a dozen dogs.

Once it's determined that every dog is in the right class, each entrant is assigned a number/arm band. The numbers are listed in the catalog with the corresponding dog. To keep things as objective as possible, dogs are judged anonymously. The judge only knows the dog by number until after the show is over.

The AKC requires a number of other things be listed in the catalog as well. The cover or title page must include:
  • Date or dates of the event
  • Name of the show-giving club
  • Notice that the event is held under American Kennel Club rules
  • American Kennel Club logo
  • The event's exact location and time of opening and closing
  • List of the club's officers
  • List of the members of the Event Committee
  • The Show Chair’s address
  • Name and address of the Superintendent and/or Show Secretary
  • Name, complete address, and assignment of each judge
  • Name of the veterinarian or veterinary clinic, and whether the veterinarian will be in attendance or on-call
The catalog must also contain a list of prizes and trophies, the AKC Schedule of Points for the region and a copy of the judging program.

Over-achiever that I am, our catalog included much, much more. I was given carte blanche to write the catalog that I would have wanted to see as a newbie. I included:
I easily put 80 hours into the catalog. It is beautiful! And now we have a template for next year. I think we're about ready the Big Day. -- K