I love my dogs. German shepherds are beautiful, loyal and loving. Wander through the blog for proof. German shepherds are also smart -- sometimes too smart. Two things I've learned:
  • These dogs hate to be bored. If you don't provide appropriate mental stimulation, they will find something to do -- and you probably won't like it.
  • Mental exercise will wear out a dog faster than physical exercise. A tired dog = a happy owner.
It took many destroyed items -- phones, remotes, shoes, carpet, a couch, etc. -- for me to learn this! I'm constantly looking for fun ways to entertain the dogs. I want them to think. If we can work in a little training in the process, then even better. Bonus points if the activities are inexpensive and/or make me giggle.

Apparently, what I've been doing is called enrichment and it has become the "next big thing" in the dog community. There are books, seminars, online classes and FB groups dedicated to canine enrichment. Cool beans! Looking for ideas? Here are some of the things that I've done with my dogs. Enjoy!

DIY Projects

Silly Tricks

Toys & Products


I'll keep adding to the list as I find things, so come back soon! Do you have something we should try? Let me know. Later, -- K

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