Monday, July 20, 2015

Beat the Heat Fun

It's hot outside. I don't want to be out any longer than I have to. Honestly, I don't want to do anything! But if we don't find something to keep Jedi occupied, he finds a way to entertain himself. It's not always good. Sure, it makes for a fun Monday Mischief post to read, but it doesn't make for fun household. Thus my never ending quest for -- dare I say it? -- Jedi mind tricks. Today I'm sharing our latest Anti-Mischief find.
A few weeks ago Hubby tagged me in a Facebook post from Folsom Veterinary Hospital. You may have seen it too. Essentially, they made a giant flavored ice cube for dogs. I thought it sounded interesting so we gave it a try.
I bought a carton of low sodium chicken broth and gathered up scraps from the last few dinners. We had a little steak, a bit of grilled chicken and a hot dog, all cut into tiny pieces. Yum. I diluted the chicken broth with water to make about two quarts. I found a clean plastic container and went to town. The trick is to freeze it in sections so the tidbits are spread throughout the cube (otherwise everything ends up on the bottom).
I started with the chicken. I dropped a handful in the bottom of the container, poured about a third of the broth/water mixture over top and froze it until it was solid -- a good three hours or so. Next came the steak and another third of the liquid. Again, it had to freeze rock solid to get the layered effect. Finally, I dumped in the hot dog and the rest of the liquid. Then I let it sit in the freezer overnight.
The following day we ran the container under hot water and plopped the ice cube into the dogs' kiddie pool. Jedi thought that was the best thing ever!
He licked and chewed on that giant ice cube non-stop for 45 minutes until Hubby had to take it away because it was starting to rain. (Welcome to Florida!) This is definitely an outside treat.
Don't worry, he got it again the next day and picked up right where he left off. Roxy, on the other hand, wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Go figure.

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