Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nurse Jedi

Hubby brought home cooties on Wednesday. He was coughing, sneezing, running a fever and feeling achy. I had a lot going on over the weekend so Hubby tried really hard to keep me from getting sick. This included sleeping in another room.

Well, Jedi didn't like that at all. He wants all his people in the same location. (He is a shepherd after all.) We had to sleep with doors open so Jedi could check up on both of us throughout the night. Otherwise, he would sit outside the closed door scratching, whining and barking relentlessly until it was opened.

Despite Hubby's best efforts I got sick anyway. I missed the big event over the weekend and took a day off of work to recuperate. I should have taken more, but I'm saving my personal time for barn hunt and nosework trials. (Yeah, I'm a junkie.) I've been living on Frosted Mini Wheats and ginger ale because nothing is appetizing, but I have to have something in my stomach to take my meds. (And I learned the hard way what happens when I stop taking my meds.) Mostly I just sleep. Jedi has been by my side the whole time. Everytime I wake up I see his face. I love this dog. -- K

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