Friday, February 3, 2017

National Champion Jedi in November I left off with Jedi and I heading to Ocala for the IABCA shows. We went. And we conquered! Jedi completed what he needed to get his National Championship. Now he is an IntCH/NatCH (International/National Champion).

Yes, it looks good, but I think his conformation show days are over. Earning an AKC Championship is much tougher, and I've got a lot to learn in that arena. To be honest, I'm not sure Jedi even enjoyed it. So we're going to move on to something else. Maybe I'll try conformation again with a future dog. But for now, Jedi and I are having a good time discovering what else is out there. Oh, did I tell you about barn hunt? No?! I guess I know what to share next time. TTFN, - - K

P.S. Sorry about the photo. Jedi and I both look retarded. My regular photographer, Hubby, couldn't make the trip. RK brought her niece who took tons of pictures. She only sent me this one with a promise to send more "later." It's been 3 months and I'm still waiting. Yeah, I'm calling you out Jenna!

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