Thursday, February 2, 2017

Did You Miss Us?

I received an email last week from a blogging friend asking if I was OK. It's not the first. I’m fine. And I love you guys too. But yes, I've been gone for a quite while. Almost three months. Wow.

Things have been busy since November -- some good, some not.

My goods include:
  • a dog show (and new title!)
  • a new dog sport
  • a new training class
  • and end-of-the-year dog Dog Club festivities
I’ll share these soon. I’m still president of the local German Shepherd Dog Club and I run our club Facebook page. Both are more time consuming than you might think. My crazy job always keeps me busy (but makes for entertaining posts) and I’ve got some job-related things to share as well.

My nots include:
  • aging parents
  • adult children
  • health issues (treat your body like crap for 30 years and it rebels -- go figure!)
  • and entirely too much heated political shit
I’m not going to share that. It stresses me out too much. And speaking of stress, apparently it’s bad for the heart. Guess who’s developed angina? UGH. I seriously need to find a better way to manage stress. Booze, brownies and profanity are not the answer. Dammit. Any suggestions?

Not fun. Find a healthy way to manage
your stress before you end up here.
Part of my absence was me hiding in a hole hoping the world would just go away. It didn't, so I might as well plug back in and share a snarky comment or two. And beware, there are a couple rants welling up inside me as well.

On a dog-free note -- *gasp* -- I’ve started reading again. I used to read all the time but somehow got away from it. A long-time friend challenged me to read 26 books this year. The catch: the books can't be related to work or dogs. Well, I’ve only finished one novel so far, but I totally enjoyed it.

I'm going through pics and will have stuff to share soon. Promise. Until then, enjoy Jedi on the beach at sunrise. This picture always makes me happy. Until next time, -- K

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