Monday, July 21, 2014

Jedi Plays Spin the Bottle

A couple weeks ago I shared a video I found on Facebook of Bella the Malinois playing with a homemade dog toy. I thought the toy was really interesting. I sent the video to my friend Handyman and asked if he could make one. He did, and it's awesome!

It's a wooden frame with a dowel running through 3 1-liter bottles. Handyman made it big enough that I can use larger, more challenging 2-liter bottles later. The bottles spin around the dowel as well as move left and right. Yummy smelling treats are placed inside the bottles.
The design is simple enough. The dogs have to tip the bottles upside down to get the treats out.
It took Jedi a while to figure it out. It's harder than it looks!
Roxy wasn't sure about the hitting and spinning part, but she was more than happy to eat the treats!
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