Monday, July 28, 2014

Who Haz a Cheezburger?

The rain and heat has kept the dogs inside lately. Jedi gets bored and annoys Roxy. Roxy gets fed up with Jedi quickly. Then Jedi annoys me. We'll play ball in the house, get out various puzzle toys and wrestle, but it's not enough. He follows me around and whines. He's bored! He wants to go outside. I'll let him out but he comes right back in -- and sighs! (I tell him it's hot and wet, but he never believes me.)

There aren't many dog-friendly indoor activities in Jacksonville outside of a trip to a pet store. (BTW, we are not above doing a pet store tour to entertain the dogs!) I'll take them with me to run errands and then we'll stop by Sonic. Do you have Sonics where you're at? They're like old fashioned drive-ins. You can eat in your car or under a covered patio. Because it's outside, the dogs are welcome. I'll order a plain cheeseburger and a cup of water for the dogs, and a Slush for me (half off between 2 and 5. Score!) Want to see what they think?

Roxy wants some of the cheeseburger so she sits nice and pretty.
Not to be outdone by his sister, Jedi gives a perfect down.
They'll even share the water bowl afterwards.
A trip to Sonic always get such polite behavior. Unfortunately, an hour later things are back to normal: Jedi whines, Roxy growls, I pull out my hair. Got any ideas? -- K 
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