Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finds

Welcome back to Kelley's Friday Finds! Here I share articles, blogs and pictures that made me think, laugh or feel inspired from the past week. (Click here if you missed last Friday's goodies.) Roxy and I have some fun things to share with you today.

We're going to open up this edition with an incredible contest. Fidose of Reality is giving away the Ultimate Summer Pet Friendly Road Trip Giveaway. The grand prize includes a hotel stay for you, a human companion and your dog. Yep, this could be yours! Click on the link above to enter -- and send us a postcard if you win.

Cesar Milan had an interesting article on 5 Steps to Becoming Calm. I know that there are many Cesar Haters out there. And there is validity to the anti-domination arguments. But I also believe he has some good teachings as well -- the importance of exercise, having rules and consistency, taking a leadership role (some call it parenting -- it's the same thing) and the "calm assertive energy" thing. Really, it works. As an animal control officer I deal with a wide variety of strange dogs in less than ideal situations. Things are much easier if I remain calm and try to project an "I'm in control" attitude. I call it channeling my inner Princess Leia.

It's summertime, waaay too hot in Florida to take Jedi with me when running errands. I hate leaving him at home, so I just don't go out. Now maybe I can. I found this in the Bark Post: Dog Friendly Stores That Allow Your Pooches. These are national chains. And it's more than just Petsmart!

"Spay. Neuter. Adopt." "Spay/Neuter Saves Lives." We've all heard these, right? This article from Healthy Pets says not so fast. Check out: Don’t Neuter Your Dog YET – Read This Life-Saving Information First! I know, now you're curious. And conflicted. Sorry.

And finally, look at the shirt I just ordered. Is that funny or what? It's a limited edition shirt, so if you want one too you need to go here now. They're only available until Tuesday at midnight.

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Finds. Can't wait to see what I have for you next week! TTFN -- K

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