Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Finds #4

Welcome back to Friday Finds. I've been reading and surfing all week.

When Pepper was diagnosed with cancer we spent over $1000 in the last six months of her life. Our financial situation has changed and I don't think I could do that again. So what happens if you have a vet emergency? The Dancing Dog Blog has a few ideas.  Hopefully Pet Health Care — What To Do When You Can’t Afford Vet Care will help put your mind at ease.

There have been a lot of "dog shot by police" stories in the news lately. It's sad and it's frustrating. As an animal control officer who works with the police department, I can say that most police officers are woefully under-trained in dealing with dogs. I hope that police departments around the country will 1) incorporate dog behavior, body language and handling into their training programs and 2) develop better relationships/partnerships with trained animal control personnel. Until then, dog owners have to be diligent. I think this sign is awesome:

I like that it doesn't say "Beware of Dog." That implies your dog is mean, and opens you up for law suits should someone get bit. "No Trespassing" and "Dog on Premises" puts the onus on the other person. (Sorry, I hang around with lawyers!) Anyway, if you like these signs too, you can learn more about them -- and place an order --at Protect My Pooch. The signs aren't any more expensive than the "Beware of Dog" signs at Wal-Mart either. I found this sign shared several times on Google+. Sorry I couldn't track down the original post for you.
Here's a crafty thing that made me squeal with delight: "Adopt Me" leash covers for shelter dogs from Sew Doggy Style. What a simple, creative project. Wouldn't this be a great project for a Scout Troop or Boys and Girls club?
You know all those silly quizzes you going around Facebook? Well, this one was fun: What Dog Breed Are You? I'm a German shepherd. (Surprise!) How about you? Do you agree with the answer?
So what do you think? Come back next week and see what I've found! --K