Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Finds

I read. A lot. And I find a lot of goodies in blog posts, on Facebook, from online journals and posted on various boards. Sometimes I'll be inspired and write a blog post around it. Most times, however, I say "Oh, I'll save this for later. Surely I can get something good from it." What usually happens is that I misplace the link and by the time I find it the subject is old and irrelevant. GRRR. So I've decided to try something new. As I find things I will paste them into a blog post and share them with you on a regular basis. It'll be an eclectic group of articles, blogs and pictures that made me think, laugh or feel inspired. Hopefully you will feel the same. Roxy even helped me make a cute graphic for it. Thanks Rox! Here is my first one.

  • Do Overs. A very moving blog post. The author laments over the fact that she doesn't have any pictures of her and her late dog together. I cried when I read this. I only have one picture of me and Logan. In 7 years I only got ONE picture of me and my heart dog. This one:

Jacksonville Pet Expo, 2005 or 2006
          Starting today, I am handing the camera off to others to get pictures of me and Jedi

  • There is a video circulating on Facebook that has me amazed. Have you seen this one? I'm seriously wondering if I can get my handyman friend to make one of these for Jedi.

  • Great news from here: Jacksonville has implemented the A New Leash On Life program where dogs are paired with inmates for extra training and socialization, making them better adoption candidates. Inmates learn a skill and focus on something outside themselves. Fido and Felon are both better in the end.

  • I love to follow the adventures of Donna the Mongrel in Singapore through We Live In a Flat. This week there was a great post (with a bunch of links) on Better Pet Photography -- Tips & Photo Apps. Check it out! 

  • And finally, a shameless plug: My friend entered a picture of her amazing German shepherd, Julie the Wonder Dog, in a contest for the Weather Channel. Please click here and vote for Julie (below).

Dawn Guardian

Well, that's it for my inaugural Kelley's Friday Finds. Let me know what you think! And don't hesitate to send me anything you think I missed or might find interesting. Thanks, -- K