Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Polar Pooch

I always stop in the pet section when shopping at discount stores. You never know what you're going to find. I was at Ross and found the Polar Pooch Cooling Mat for $13.99. A quick search on my cell phone showed that this was $6-$10 less than Amazon, Walmart and PetSmart. Never one to pass up a deal, I bought one! We tried it out multiple times and I'm not impressed.

First of all, I don't know what German shepherd was used for the picture on the box. I read the fine print that stated the mat is 22" by 33". For giggles I put Jedi -- a life-sized German shepherd -- on the it and took a picture. His legs alone took up half the mat.

I had to coax Jedi to lay on the mat with treats. The cover slips and slides. (See the wrinkles in my photo versus the one on the box?) Jedi didn't care for that. Neither did I. I accidentally stepped on it and nearly fell toes over tea kettle.

Finally, it didn't seem to stay that cool. I laid my palm on the mat multiple times throughout the day and didn't notice a difference. I really wanted it to work as advertised so we tried it out over several weekends. I'm disappointed.

Long story short: Jedi and I think the money could have been spent better elsewhere. So, if you see the Polar Pooch Cooling Mat in your favorite store . . . just keep walking. -- K

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