Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tug Toys

Psychedelic fleece
Truth be told, I AM NOT a crafty person. My mother quilts, sews, bakes, knits, tats and crochets. She is also quite adept at cake decorating, origami, decoupage and ceramics. I have no idea what happened to me. Anyway, when I see a fun but simple craft that I can do, I get really excited. My latest find: no-sew tug toys. (Actually, I didn't "find" it, Erin over the Five Dog Blog did.)

I bought a yard of bright fleece (on sale -- score!) and with some measuring, cutting and braiding I created a tug toy that Jedi actually likes. Unlike his rope toys, this one is soft and machine washable. And it doesn't hurt so much when he starts flinging it around. YEA!

Are you inspired yet? If you follow the directions in Erin's blog you can make one too. My only advice: keep your braids tight and anchor your loop. Erin used a chair. I'm not as classy; I used my big toe.

I'm so stoked by my success that I'm wondering what other crafty things I can do. Mom would be so proud. -- K