Sunday, October 20, 2013

BTC4 Animals -- My Favorites

Did you check out the Blog the Change for Animals hop on Wednesday? There were some good ones! Here are my favorites:
  • Mary Maier's Number One Adoptable Dog Photography Tip. Not only was this blog unique and informative, it was full of gorgeous dog pictures. Seriously, check it out!
  • A Tonk's Tail highlighted domestic violence shelters that allow pets. Something Wagging This Way Comes (a blog I read regularly) also did a post on animals and domestic violence. This is not something I've given much thought to. I found it interesting though very sad.
  • Go Pet Friendly (another blog I visit regularly) had advice for meeting unfamiliar dogs. My favorite part was for the owners. I nearly cried when I read: Don’t be afraid to be firm, and remember that saying, "No, this isn’t a good time to meet my dog" doesn’t make you a bad person. This is an issue I'm dealing with right now. Despite my best socializing efforts, Jedi still gets uncomfortable around strangers. But only sometimes, which makes it difficult for me to predict. Part of it might be his age. Whatever the reason, it's very frustrating. He's a beautiful dog and people want to touch him all the time. I'll kindly-but-firmly say "he's a bit overstimulated right now." Some people reach anyway. He's lunged and snapped before. It's scary. I feel like an awful owner. It's difficult because I take him to strange places to desensitize him -- and hopefully making it better in the long run.

National Feral Cat Day was the day after this hop, so many of the blogs focused on feral cats. Jedi and I skipped through of those. We don't hate cats, but this is Kelley DOG Blog after all! Which blogs stood out for you this time? -- K

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