Saturday, October 5, 2013

Keeping Calm -- NOT

I think this is going to be my mantra for the weekend. I have so much to do and no time or energy to get it all done. As I've mentioned before, I'm the newsletter editor for The German Shepherd Dog Club of North Florida. I take the position seriously and try to turn out a decent newsletter every month. Well, between back-to-back dog shows and training a new ACO at work, I haven't written last month's newsletter yet. The monthly meeting is Tuesday -- as in three days from now -- and then I'll have a brand new month of stuff to worry about. I considered writing a combined September/October newsletter, but don't think it'll work (and have no idea how to format it with the crappy Microsoft template I use). The editor before me only turned out half as many pages as I do (she's not the blabbermouth I am) and everybody was fine with that. I asked myself: "Do I really need to put all this additional pressure on myself for a volunteer position?" The answer was no -- Surprise! -- so I've decided to publish a smaller newsletter this month. Sounds good, but now I have writer's block. Or maybe that's just snot. I thought my stuffy head and sore throat were fall allergies and took a bunch of Benadryl. It didn't help and now I'm wondering if this is a cold coming on. UGH.

I'd like to just lock myself in the office and write/format the newsletter for the next two days, but I have other things to do this weekend as well. I need to go into work and feed the animals, I need to prep for another week of training and I have a couple police reports that need to be written. I can't figure out how train the new guy and still do everything that needs to be done so I've been going in early and on my days off to do things. The overtime is nice, but the hours are kicking my ass. No wonder I'm sick!

And poor Jedi just wants attention. Hubby is working full time now. Not only is Jedi crated more during the day, he's not getting his morning and afternoon romps. The poor boy is bored. I'm trying to type here and he keeps nosing me and giving me "the look." I feel guilty. We haven't walked our favorite park in weeks and I can't remember the last time we hiked the Arboretum. Sometimes I feel like a horrible doggie mom. I need to find time to fix that as well. (On the plus side, we did have a nice nap together earlier. Thanks Benadryl.) 
It's almost midnight. I'm going to log off, walk away from computer and go wrestle with the pup before plopping into bed. I'm not being very productive here anyway. TTFN -- K