Friday, October 25, 2013

Scoop Your Poop (a poem)

I'm participating in the 3rd Annual Scoop That Poop campaign. This year's theme is poetry. I'm not much of a poet, but here is an original dog poop poem from an animal control officer's point of view.

I found this on the internet, but have seen similar threats
from residents within my City. Seriously, poop is one
of my top five complaints

If on your morning walk
Sometime before dawn
Your dog should leave a present
Upon your neighbor's lawn,
Please take a moment
To pick up his poo
Because I promise that
your neighbor's watching you.
Should you leave the pile stinking
He will call me in a fit
Ranting and raving
About your puppy's shit.
Then I'll have to write you 
A $50 ticket
For being too lazy
Not to just pick it.
Here's a word of warning
From an ACO
We never buy the story
That you "didn't know."
All across the country
From California to Maine
Every officer's answer
Is going to be the same:
"Whether your dog's a purebred
Or a lovable mutt
You are responsible for
What comes out his butt."

Feeling brave? Hop around to read more poop poetry. Enjoy! -- K