Sunday, October 13, 2013

We Won!

I took over the job of newsletter editor for my German shepherd dog club last spring. I've worked long and hard on it, obsessing over every jot and tittle. A few months ago Madam President urged me to submit my first four issues to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America's national newsletter contest. I did and we won! The GSDCA felt that we had the best monthly newsletter of all the medium size GSD clubs. See that giant ribbon? It's ours!! Madam President is bringing it back from the National shows. As the editor I am honored, but know this was a team effort. Club members have stepped up with articles and pictures and fun information, making my job much easier. Still, it's nice to have all my time and effort validated. I guess I do have some talent after all. Take that Mrs. Tubiola!* -- K

* Mrs. Tubiola was my overcritical, disparaging 10th grade English teacher. I hope she's rolling in her grave. (For the record, I had nothing to do with her death.)