Monday, October 21, 2013

Bad Business Cards

A couple months back I read that Jen over at The Elka Almanac had business-type cards for her blog. hmmm Not a bad idea to get your name out. My blog has come up in conversation before and people have asked "What's the site address?" I think handing the inquirer a card would look a lot classier that writing the info down on piece of scrap paper. (Yes, I've done that!) I Googled "German shepherd, business cards" and found some at Café Press. I spent 30 minutes tweaking the template and placed an order. This is what I got:

I'm rather disappointed. I wish I could say that your can't read it because it's a bad scan. Truth is, even if the card were in your hand you wouldn't be able to read it. The font is too small and blurry. Do they not have quality control guys? And it took three weeks to get here -- after they sent me an email saying that my order had shipped.
I should have known better. I ordered a shirt from the same company about a year ago. The picture was great. But when I washed the 2XL shirt it shrank badly. It was still quite wide (actually too wide) but shrank a good 5-6 inches in length. I am too old and fat to wear crop tops in public! I still have the shirt, though I've never worn it. Maybe I can make a pillow or something out of it.
A couple weeks after the cards arrived I got a "rate our service" survey from Café Press. I hesitated, but finally filled it out. I was nice but honest. I told them about my disappointment with the two orders and the speed of shipping. I told them that I didn't envision myself using their services again. THEN I got another email saying they were sorry and wanted to make it right and redo the orders. I thought about it but have decided to cut my losses. So now I'm looking for business cards again. Anybody out there have any suggestions? -- K