Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jedi's New Collar

Where's all the stuff for big dogs?
Petco is not my pet store of choice. But when I heard they had Star Wars items I just had to go. I've been looking for a Darth Vader costume for Jedi for weeks now, but can't find anything to fit an 80 pound dog. I can understand if we're talking Yoda (he's tiny) but Vader? Come on! He's big and scary looking.

The first time we went to Petco there was absolutely nothing available for dogs over 25 pounds. I expressed my displeasure with the store manager. (Hey, he started it by asking "Can I help you?" Mom always said "Don't ask the question if you're not prepared for the answer." But I digress . . .) Mr. Manager suggested I come back Monday, saying they'd have a new shipment. I did. Still no fun costumes for big dogs. All I found was a collar, and they only had one design -- the dark side -- in big dog size (see below). I bought it of course, but I'm still disappointed. Why can't big dogs enjoy in the fun? -- K


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