Monday, June 16, 2014

Chuck It!

Chuck It!
We finally broke down and bought a Chuck It. I think we were the last family in Florida without one. The packaging was right, it really does fling the ball a long way! Thankfully the ball is neon orange, else we would have lost it several times. The dogs loved it for about 15 minutes -- and then they were worn out. (They're both passed out on the floor as I write this.) I tried to snap a few pictures while Hubby was launching the balls. Wanna see?

Jedi has the ball, Roxy wants it.
Now Roxy has the ball and Jedi wants it.
Jedi has the ball again and gives Roxy a raspberry.
Hubby's favorite part was that he could use the Chuck It to pick up the spitty ball, keeping his hands drool free. (Hubby gets more freaked out about drool and hair than I do.) Do you have a Chuck It? Do you like it? Got any tips? Inquiring pups want to know! -- K

P.S. We're participating in the Monday Mischief blog hop this week. Why not jump around and see what other pets are doing today?