Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sleepia Saturday

Jedi loves his crate!

I have never had a dog that was so content to be in a crate. We have two, an extra large wire crate and a smaller plastic airline crate. Jedi prefers the smaller one (probably a size too small for him). We leave it open most of the day. He'll climb in and out on his own, often taking short naps. He'll also run to his crate when he feels uncomfortable (strangers in the house), when he's trying to hide (ear cleaning time) or whenever he sees me put on my shoes (he still doesn't like car rides). When I say "Get in your box" he runs to it with enthusiasm. It sure has made life easier, especially when travelling to dog shows. I wish I know what we did! How about you? Do you use a crate? How's it going for you? -- K

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