Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sepia Nostalgia

I was looking through old files and found some pictures of Logan when he was in his prime. He was a good lookin boy! I pulled up some pictures of Jedi too and put them side by side to compare them. I don't know how fair this is, since Jedi is less than two and we didn't get Logan until he was at least 5. Anyway, see for yourself.

Left: Logan, 2007, best guess 6ish

Below: Jedi, 2014, 18 months

My observations:
  • Both boys are gorgeous with lush coats. I remember Logan's coat being incredibly soft. I think Jedi's is a bit coarser.
  • Jedi's markings are a lot darker. (I wonder if he'll lighten up as he gets older.)
  • Jedi's bigger. Logan topped out at 78 pounds, whereas Jedi is already 85, and I expect him to put on a few more pounds when his chest fills out.
More importantly, both boys will always have a special places in my heart. Logan was the German shepherd I wanted to since I was a 6 year old girl. He was loving and loyal and a gentle soul. I couldn't have asked for more. Jedi is the AKC show dog that I've always wanted. We're awkward in the ring and haven't earned a stinking point, but that doesn't matter. I'm a lucky woman. -- K

It's Sepia Saturday! Hop around and see what others have to share today.

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