Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sepia Pepper

It's Sepia Saturday! Last Tuesday I shared some pictures of Pepper for the #FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser Blog Hop. Pepper was our first dog. She was a great dog and her life was cut short by cancer. For the hop we were suppose to portray our dog loving life. It was tough to pick the photos because Pepper loved life to the fullest and we were always taking pictures. So here are three more. Enjoy!

Pepper had an entire wardrobe of bandannas.
We'd get bored and dress Pepper in Hubby's shirts. She
always seemed to find it as funny as we did.
Here Pepper is laying on my legs. She always wanted to be where
we were, even if we were just sitting around watching TV.

We were heartbroken when the vet said "cancer." How could that be? She was nine, and we decided not to do chemo. Instead, we used steroids and pain killers to keep the symptoms at bay. The vet said to keep her happy, feed her junk food (the cholesterol wasn't going to kill her) and enjoy whatever time we had left. We took a hundred car rides and ate more McDonald's cheeseburgers than I can count. The steroid therapy worked for a while, but 6 1/2 months later we made that awful decision. Her quality of life was more important than our need to have her in our lives.

Cancer sucks. It chooses victims at random and leaves loved ones feeling helpless and angry. And that's why I titled my contest post "F.U. Cancer!" I screamed that phrase (and other obscenities) so many times when Pepper was sick. Why did cancer have to take my Pepper? The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund is working to find a cure. Wouldn't it be wonderful if nobody else had to lose a pet to cancer?

Want to learn more about the #FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser Blog Hop? Want to see more pictures of Pepper? (You know you do!) Check out F.U. Cancer! And while there, click "like" so that Jedi and Roxy can get some yummy treats in Pepper's memory. Then come back and click away. There's always lots of interesting posts on Sepia Saturday! -- K

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