Sunday, June 8, 2014

Remember Me?

Wow, I just looked at my last post and realized that it's been over a month since I've been here. Sorry. Did you think I was dead? Let's catch up:

If I were a cat . . .
WORK: I lost another partner. He gave a whole two days notice. For those who are counting, that's three partners in three years. When are the powers that be going to realize that "something ain't right"? As soon as we get new animal control officers trained and certified they leave for a better job. I know what you're thinking: Why am I not leaving? I'd like to switch paths -- as in not be an ACO but possibly stay in a related field. It's harder than I thought. I have applications out there. (Tips and prayers are most welcome, by the way!) Anywho, my last partner left me with quite a mess including: a dangerous dog in the kennel with a drawn-out legal battle, a couple bite cases, animals in quarantine, and several unfinished pet projects from the Chief. Even on my days off I've been going in to feed animals, check messages, etc. Today is the first day I haven't had to go to work in a month. I'm exhausted.
HA! I should take more
lessons from my dogs!

PERSONAL: I've developed some health issues. I've had a dozen appointments with four different doctors since my birthday six weeks ago. I'm not going to bore you with the details -- this is a dog blog after all. The good news is that I'm not dying; the bad news is that I'm REALLY stressed out and it's affecting my health. [From my doctor: Wine, brownies and profanity are not the best way to solve problems. I respectfully disagree.] To make things worse, my old house and old car are in about as good a shape as my old body, so a large portion of my time and money has gone to repairs. (OK, and wine. And brownie mix.)

DOGS: The dogs are awesome. They keep me sane. Jedi and I have class on Monday nights out at K-9 Obedience Club. He's doing well. I'm trying to get him into a Canine Good Citizen class so he can earn his AKC CGC award. I'm nervous and excited. His chest hasn't filled out yet, so we're still on a hiatus from the show ring. There is no way my adolescent pup can compete with the big boys right now. Between me and you, I think we needed a break anyway.

CAT: Gucci's not looking so good. She's 17(ish). She's lost weight and is slowing down quickly. We think our time with her is coming to an end, so we're making the most of it while we can. She seems to enjoy the extra attention, not to mention the baked chicken and real tuna.

OK, enough about me. I'm bumming myself out. I'm going back to the dog-related stuff. And I'll try to post more often. Promise! -- K

P.S. Saw this and it made me laugh. Hope you snicker too.

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