Tuesday, June 24, 2014

F. U. Cancer!

Too many doggie (and kitty) lives have been shortened by cancer. I'm joining Oz the Terrier and Zuke's in the #FuelTheCure Contest and Fundraiser Blog Hop. Basically, I blog, you read, and Zuke's donates $5 to the Dog & Cat Cancer Fund.

This post is dedicated to Pepper, a great dog who's life was cut short by cancer. Pepper was a "free to a good home" puppy. The boys were 6 and 10 when she joined our family and we had a busy household. We felt bad about leaving the puppy home alone so Pepper went everywhere with us: Cub Scout meetings, football practice, the beach, camping, sledding, hiking. We may have only had nine years with her, but I'd like to think they were a good nine years. Here are some pictures of Pepper loving life.

Whether is was camping in the woods . . .

walking on the beach . . .
or playing in the snow,

Pepper was always ready for an adventure!

She's been gone five years and I still miss her. She was an awesome dog.

Oh, there is one more thing. This is a contest as well as a fundraiser, and Zuke's is giving away goodies to the blog post with the most likes. Pepper was an expert beggar, so here is her saying "please vote for us."  Thanks! -- K

P.S. Pepper's story continues on Sepia Saturday with more pictures (yea!), more cancer (boo!), and another F.U. or two (lol).

This is a blog hop! Take a few minutes and see how others are saying "F. U." to cancer. And if you're a blogger, why not join? It's not everyday that your post earns $5 for charity! Contest rules are here.