Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm Back!

I just looked at my last post. I've been gone for a while. Wow. The good news is that I spent some time in Cocoa Beach for the Florida Animal Control Association's annual conference. I learned a lot, though I don't know how much is relevant to share here. You know, things like: Quality Report Writing, Dangerous Dog Investigations, Officer Safety, Current Trends in Dog Fighting. Anyway, I'll go through my notes and see if there is something you might like.
The bad news is that when I returned from the conference I ended up working 12-hour days to catch up on the things I missed. I came back to three dog bites, one dangerous dog investigation and a cruelty complaint. I can't comment on active cases, but I would like to offer what I think are some good tips. I thought they were pretty obvious, but my current work load begs to differ.
  • If you know your dog "doesn't like strangers," invest in a crate and use it. Make sure that all members of the household are on board. That includes children, boyfriends and roommates. Be firm. Your dog's life could depend on it.
  • If a dog growls at you, leave him alone. He's not "purring" and he's not "playing."
  • Just because a dog is small and cute doesn't mean that he won't bite. And regardless of the dog's size, he can do serious damage. Especially if you are trying to kiss him.
  • If your boyfriend is a "mean drunk" and/or says he's going to "kill you and bury you in the backyard" get the hell out. NOW. And take your dog with you. Forget about your clothes, furniture, important papers, etc. All that can be replaced.
Jedi's new toy
This is the first time I've been on my personal computer in over a week. I've either been working, sleeping or playing with the dogs. Jedi missed me! I missed him too. So much so that I brought him a toy from the giant Ron Jon Surf Shop (but didn't get anything for the kids).
So anyway, I need to cut this short. I've got a hundred emails to read and a dozen decisions to make. The GSD Club is planning another Beach Day and I'm heading that up (yes, there will be pictures again this year). I'm also on the committee planning an open house for the K-9 Obedience Club. . . . When am I going to learn to say "NO"? Catch you later, -- K

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