Monday, December 29, 2014

Awww....Made Me Cry!

Do you want to make an animal control officer cry like a baby? Send an email like this:
Hi Kelley,

In 2007 I adopted a poodle-mix from your shelter. You had listed him on Petfinder under the name Kelso. I didn't get to meet you when I picked him up, but you kindly spoke with me about the dog on the phone in advance.

You might remember because I was "crazy" enough to drive 4 hours from Jupiter to come get him. He is THE BEST dog ever!!! You definitely make a difference. I have wanted to thank you ever since.

With much gratitude,
[name withheld]
This came to the email address attached to my blog (not my official work email) the day after Christmas. I tear up every time I read it. And look, she sent a picture too!

His new name is Jackson. Look how cute he turned out to be!

It's kind of sad funny, because I'm always ready to deal with nasty people. They may piss me off but I never cry. In fact, sometimes I find going toe to toe with those kind of people a bit exhilarating. Stupid people don't make me cry either. They may be frustrating, but I tell myself that "You can't fix stupid" and move on. But things like this always throw me for a loop. Kind people make me cry every time. What is wrong with me?! Despite the tears, this was a wonderful Christmas present and I wanted to share it.

OK, enough of me! It's Monday, so start your week with a smile. Click around to see things that'll make you say "awww." -- K

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