Saturday, January 3, 2015

De-Stinking in Sepia

The weather has been odd for the past couple months. On the days I work -- Sunday through Wednesday -- it has been warm and sunny, often hitting the mid to high 70s. (Northern readers can quit hating any time now!) On my days off -- Thursday through Saturday -- it's been wet and dreary, not even making it to the low 60s. This has really affected bath time and the dogs have gotten a bit stinky. Today things are different. The sun is out and it's warm enough for a canine wash and fluff. Yippie!

Hubby asks Jedi "Do you know what today is? It's Bath Day!"
Jedi says "NOOOOOOO!"
Just kidding. Actually Jedi is very good about bathing. He'll jump on and off the grooming table when I ask and stands nicely when I wash him. Sometimes he'll fuss when the cool water touches his belly, but he doesn't jump off the table. He'll even stand still so I can blow him dry. At 90 pounds, he's the easiest dog I've ever had to bathe. 65 pound Roxy, however, is a pain to bathe. It takes at least two people to hold her still, and everybody ends up soaked. Roxy won't go near the table, so we use a back-killing kiddie pool. And she won't go near the dryer either. It takes hours for her to air dry.
Anyway, I'm glad that we were able to destink Jedi before our Find the Odor class on resumes Monday. The dogs should be looking for Sweet Birch oil, not Ripe Jedi.
It's Sepia Saturday! Hop around and see what others are sharing today. -- K

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