Friday, March 20, 2015

6 Shows in 14 Days

What's going on with Mom?
Warning: Kelley is having delusions of grandeur. So much so that she is speaking of herself in third person.
The last time Jedi and I were in the show ring was in April of 2014. I had planned on taking a break over the summer to give Jedi time to fill out. I wanted to get back in the ring in September for the Sunshine State Herding Group show. But life got in the way and I went to visit family instead. (I hadn't seen some of those family members in eight years.) THEN my boss -- the Chief of Police! -- was arrested and my whole work life fell apart. Dog showing got pushed aside and next thing I know, a year had gone by. After much soul searching I decided that I should either get back in the ring now or find some other venue for me and Jedi. As luck would have it, several show opportunities have popped up recently and it looks like Jedi and I will be showing six times in a two week period. So much for taking it slow.
How did this happen?
Jedi and I waiting to get in the ring --
11 months ago!
  • I decided that we would get back in the ring on April 5 for the German Shepherd Dog Club specialty shows. Since it's just German shepherds things move quickly enabling the club to hold two shows in one day. That's two chances to win (or not) in the same day. And this is my dog club, I want to support it.
  • The following two days are the Orange Park Dog Club all breed shows. The show site is only 45 minutes down the road. This is a big deal when you have a dog that gets carsick. So I thought "why not?"
  • THEN Breeder discovered the Suwannee Valley Kennel Club shows on March 21 and 22. They're just over an hour away, so it's possible to make it there and back in one day -- thus avoiding the cost of a hotel stay. She and hubby twisted my arm and I signed up. And since we haven't been in the ring for almost a year, this will be some nice practice so we don't make total asses of ourselves at the German Shepherd Dog Club shows.
It all sounds good on paper. Maybe even a bit ambitious. But now I'm in a bit of a panic. (Panic is my specialty. Some women cook, others scrapbook. I worry things to death. I guess everybody has to have a talent.) My concerns are:
Will this overwhelm Jedi?
Will my old, out of shape body hold out?
Do my show clothes even fit anymore?
Will I throw up on the judge?
Will Jedi bite the judge?
Will I still be able to participate in the Blogging A to Z Challenge in April?

I guess we'll find out soon because my first set of shows is this weekend. Yikes! See you on the other side. -- K

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