Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pin-Up Pup

For the past few years Black Horse Creations has put together a German Shepherd calendar. Crazy GSD owners like me submit pictures to the FB page and people vote on who they'd like to see in the calendar. Last year my friend twisted my arm and I submitted this photo that my aunt took in Alpharetta last year:

We didn't get in. I couldn't believe it! I think the fact that I entered the contest late didn't help. (BTW, when Hubby calculated how much I would have spent on calendars for all my friends and family he wasn't nearly as upset as I was.) This year Black Horse Creations is doing two calendars -- one just for puppy pictures and one for grown GSDs, so I sent in two pictures. The rules say only one submission per group. It was tough, but here are my picks.

This one for the puppy calendar:

Click here to vote for baby Jedi
And this one for adult calendar:

Click here to vote for Big Boy Jedi
I'm hoping we get in one of the calendars this year. (Hubby not so much.) If you've got a GSD picture you'd like to submit, click here to join the FB Group. Honestly, join the group if you want to just look at great GSD photos. It'll make you smile!

And speaking of smiling, it's Wordless Wednesday! Click around and see what others are sharing. It always brightens my day. -- K