Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Here's Your Sign

Lowes is Pet-Friendly! 
It says so right on the door.

Remember, when visiting pet-friendly establishments:
  1. Be a good ambassador. If your dog isn't well-behaved, having a bad day or your business doesn't allow to you focus enough attention on him, please leave him at home. Your behavior (and that of your dog) directly affects the rest of us.
  2. Say thank you. Make sure to tell the manager/owner that you are there because of the dog friendly policy. If it's a chain (like Lowes) find their corporate Webpage/Facebook/Twitter and thank them there too. A well-written thank you can make a big impact.
  3. Spend money. They're businesses, not charities. These establishments need to make money to stay open, especially small Mom & Pop operations. Yes, you may be able to get something at Walmart a little cheaper. But isn't it worth a few dollars to support a dog-friendly place? Money talks my friends. Ours should be saying "We want more dog-friendly places."
  4. Spread the word. We all have dog friends. And if your well-behaved, thankful, money-spending friends tell their well-behaved, thankful, money-spending friends . . . Just think of the possibilities!
It's Wordless Wednesday, so I'm going to stop talking. Hop around below and see what others are sharing. And speaking of sharing -- please let me know of any dog-friendly places you know about. Talk to you later, we have some shopping to do! -- K

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