Monday, December 25, 2017

Big Talbot Island

WARNING: Do not follow my example.

Big Talbot Island is about 40 minutes from here. From the road it's rather boring and easy to miss. However, it has a beach covered in driftwood that is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, dogs are not welcome on the beach.

I have a friend -- whom we'll call Bad Influence Betty -- that wanted to take our dogs to the beach anyway. Despite Hubby's objections, Betty and I loaded up the dogs and headed north.

It was a good mile hike from the parking lot to the beach access. There were multiple "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs along the way. I felt a twinge of guilt every time I saw one, but Betty and I kept trodding along anyway. When we finally got to the beach, there were six other people there -- and three dogs! We snapped a few pictures and left.

An hour later we got back to the van and discovered that both dogs were crawling with ticks! Our next stop was the self dog wash! We spent a good hour scrubbing dogs and picking off ticks. You know what? It was worth it. -- K

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