Thursday, October 4, 2012

She Did WHAT?!

I am soooo embarrassed. I took Roxy to Petsmart to buy dog food and she took a dump right in the middle of the dog food aisle! So what's a girl to do? I told her she was a bad dog, cleaned it up . . . and took a picture Dog Shaming style.

Have you seen this site? People post pictures of their dogs with signs stating the "horrible" things they've done. Things like "I humped the cat" or "I eat Mommy's shoes." Sometimes there's pictures of the evidence. I think it's hilarious. I laugh so hard that I can't breathe. Hubby just rolls his eyes and asks "Are you looking at bad dog pictures again?" If you haven't seen Dog Shaming click on the link and check it out -- I'll wait.

Did you see it? Are you wiping tears out of your eyes? Well, apparently not everybody thinks it's funny. I've read complaints that the site is cruel, mean-spirited and the incidents are a result of bad owners. Give me a break! Here's my take on it:

  • These dogs are not being abused. Sometimes the dogs look remorseful, though every dog owner knows they're not. Dogs live in the moment -- that's one of the great parts about being a dog! The remorseful look is a ruse. Pepper was an expert at looking sad and submissive, especially if she thought she could get something edible out of it. Logan looked guilty anytime I used a stern voice, regardless of what he'd done or what was being said. If I lowered my tone and said "Who wants a cookie?" he would drop his ears and flash the puppy-dog eyes. Roxy, on the other hand, doesn't feel remorse or shame for anything. I've seen her drop a grown man with a headbutt to the groin and then jump in circles, thinking it's part of the game.

  • This site is not mean. All dog owners have "bad dog" stories. We share them with a laugh, often trying to one-up each other. But it's always done affectionately. Think Marley and Me (the book, not the crappy movie). Bad dog stories bring back good memories. For example: Pepper and I fought over the kitchen trash her entire life. It was exasperating. I would buy new trash cans, booby trap trash cans, scold her anytime she went near the trash can -- but she didn't care. She wanted what was in the can so badly that it was worth the price. She was a hardheaded bitch. She would spread trash all over the house. The only thing we could do was take the trash out regularly -- it didn't always work. If Dog Shaming had been around I would have posted her trashy face on it a dozen times!! Yet I would gladly clean up table scraps and coffee grounds everyday if it meant that I could have Pepper back.

  • Of course these events could have been prevented!! In hindsight, I should have waited outside Petsmart a little longer so Roxy could do her business beforehand. When viewing Dog Shaming pictures critically, you can say that these dogs should have been better supervised, items should have been picked up, doors could have closed. But that's not the point of this site. This is a place where dog owners can share their frustrations with other dog people who "get it." Truth is, our beloved companions are still dogs, and dogs do weird things. They eat cat poop, they drink out of the toilet, they shred things with wild abandon.

So, the lesson learned from today's event is: Dogs will be dogs, and sometimes dogs do things that embarrass their owners. Instead of getting mad, take a picture and have a good laugh. Before I go, I'm going to share a couple Dog Shaming pictures that had me crying earlier. I apologize in advance if you don't see the humor. -- K

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