Monday, July 29, 2013

Jedi's New Leash

Jedi and me in our favorite place
(not using the new leash in this picture)
One of my favorite parts about the Jupiter-Tequesta dog show was all the vendors. I could have easily spent hundreds of dollars. I didn't (mainly because I didn't have hundreds of dollars). I did buy an awesome leash though. It's a stretch leash by ROK Straps. It's 4 and 1/2 feet long, but the middle has a super-strong rubber strap (much like a bungee jumping strap) with an "extremely chew resistant" covering. A hard pull will temporarily extend it another 4 inches or so. Between the stretchy part and the collar clip is a non-stretch handle/traffic leader for extra control.

I bought this leash with the Arboretum in mind, and I couldn't be happier! We have used it once or twice a week since I came back from West Palm Beach. Jedi has better footing than I do, and the stretchy keeps him from pulling me off balance on the uneven terrain. Also, 4 and 1/2 feet is far enough for him to forge ahead without me tripping over him, but still keep in sight. And I had to use the traffic leader last week. We were on a trail bright and early. It was one of my favorite trails down by the creek. As we came around a corner I saw a little dog that appeared to be alone. It barked at Jedi, who lunged at the little dog. I was able to correct him and pull him in tight before I saw that the dog was attached to a cranky old woman by a 20-foot flexi-lead. The woman backed up about 10 feet and stood in a clear spot so we could go by, but her dog kept barking and pulling on his leash, trying to get at Jedi. She had no control over her dog, and if he weighed more than 20 pounds I'm sure she would have been in trouble. I kept Jedi close and walked past, praising him for NOT being an ass.

My only complaint about the leash: I enjoy it so much that it causes me to "hike just one more trail." I forget that I'm old and out of shape and pay for that extra trail later. BTW, you get no sympathy in this house when your butt muscles hurt from hiking. -- K