Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bark Box #5

Yesterday was Bark Box delivery day, and Jedi was very excited. I think he's figured out that the Bark Box means toys and treats are coming his way.
His favorite thing from this month's box is the shark for Aussie Naturals. About a foot long and stuffing free, this is ball and rope toy wrapped in Neoprene. Apparently this toy does it all. You can fling it, it floats and even has a pair of squeakers inside. If it ever stops raining we'll take it to the beach and test it out. Right now Jedi is licking it and chewing on it's head with a weird look on his face. I guess the texture feels different from his other toys. We'll have to see how long it holds Jedi's attention. (Funny thing, he's still carrying around the shin bone from Bark Box #3.)
There was a packet of Ice Pups from The Honest Kitchen. It's a grain-free broth mix that can be served hot or cold. I mixed it with warm water and froze it in Jedi's Kong Ice Mold for later. There was a little mix leftover and I poured it on the dogs' breakfast. Picky Roxy lapped it up with gusto and then pushed Jedi out of the way to lick his bowl too.
There was a bag of freeze-dried Liver Munchies from Primal Pet Food, Inc. I thought the ingredient list was simple enough: Turkey Liver. That's it -- no grains, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives. Also, it's from turkeys raised in the USA with no added antibiotics or hormones. Sounds safe! The bag said it was designed for both dogs and cats. Jedi ate it (remember, he eats everything) but neither Roxy nor Gucci were interested in the treats. Jedi ate their portions as well.
Also enclosed was a bag of Natural Duck Strips from Plato Pets. It's made of duck and brown rice. Again, Jedi ate it but didn't seem enthusiastic. He'd just as soon eat Pup-peroni. He goes crazy for the cheap, crappy junk food. I totally understand! Surprisingly, Roxy loved it!
Something in the box I thought was odd: Bully Flakes from Barkworthies. This is a ground bully stick food topper. And it stinks just as bad as bully sticks! The dogs ate it but I gagged opening the bag -- and remembered why I don't buy bully sticks!
The last thing in the box was an ad for Strut Your Mutt. This is a nationwide fund-raising walk for Best Friends Animal Society. I'm not sure how I feel about that organization. I'll share once I can better articulate my thoughts.
So there you go, the August Bark Box! Remember, if you want one of your own, click here. -- K