Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Finds #15

Look everybody. Friday Finds . . . on a Friday! And I've got some treasures for you! This week the internet has been buzzing. Things have been busy around here as well: Jedi's birthday was last week; work is all turned upside down with the sudden departure of my boss; and the weather change is so wonderful that I've tried to be outside as much as possible. It's a wonder I did any reading!

Hopping around the internet I landed on the blog of veterinarian and author, Dr. Rachele Baker. I spent quite a bit of time there, but found two of her posts particularly interesting. Take Care of You Pet's Teeth and Oral Health is probably the most compressive article I've ever read on caring for a dog's teeth. Keep Your Pet's Ears Clean is equally detailed. In fact, I think I've been doing it wrong. Both posts give names (with links) of specific products to make your teeth and ear care regimen as effective as possible.

Here's another health-related article that I enjoyed: Tips for feeding your sick dog! from K9 Instinct. Logan had a sensitive stomach, so I always kept rice and chicken broth in the house. I wish I had known about bone broth and electrolyte replacement fluids as well.

I love simple solutions. And as I get older I appreciate multi-functional things more and more. Less to store, less to buy, less clutter. When I saw Kimberly Gauthier's 3 Surprising Uses of Baking Soda for Pet Parents I got really excited.

Talk about simple-yet-amazing! Check out the video below to see 7 Simple Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know. I'm speechless!

How about another contest? My Brown Newfies has one here. Jen and her big, beautiful dogs are giving away a Natural Stride sampler full of hip and joint supplements. Good luck -- though I really want to win it myself!

And finally, a post that really spoke to me. As I mentioned before, the first week of October was National Walk Your Dog Week. I tried, but I didn't do as well as I would have liked. (I'm recapping that in another post.) This morning Cascadian Nomads posted Six Tips To Make Daily Dog Walks Happen Beyond #DogWalkingWeek. This was the right message at the right time for me. So I'm cancelling the pitty party and trying again. Thanks Bethany!

It's another gorgeous day outside, so I'm cutting this short and taking Jedi for a walk. Meet me back here next week for another group of goodies. TTFN, -- K

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