Thursday, November 27, 2014

T-Shirt FAIL!

Ok, friends, you know how I feel about dog-themed shirts. [New readers: I LOVE them! Now you're caught up.] So I just couldn't help myself when I saw the Personalized Dog Walker Athletic Dept. T-Shirt from Gifts For You Now, especially when they sent me a coupon. This is what I ordered:

What the website said I was getting . . .

Cute, hunh? I waited two weeks for it to come. When it finally arrived the first thing that I noticed was that the lettering was white -- but it looked good, so I didn't mind. It was a good quality Hanes T-shirt, even though the iron-on letters were a bit chintzy. Then I noticed -- to my horror -- that shepherd was spelled wrong. It was "SHEPERD." I looked at the invoice -- it said black letters, "GERMAN SHEPHERD." I immediately called customer service. The woman apologized and promised to send me a new one right away. I told her that the invoice was correct, and "German shepherd" was spelled correctly. And please tell the t-shirt guy it's shepherd, as in "herds sheep." I also told her that it looked good in white, and since they were making another anyway, could I switch the lettering to white? She said "no problem."

Six days later my replacement shirt came. And guess what . . . it said "SHEPERD." The letters weren't even the same size as the first incorrect shirt. Adding insult to injury, there was an extra spot of white shmutz in the lettering between the H and the E, ironed on nice and tight. See:

What I actually got -- twice!

I looked, and the invoice spelled shepherd correctly. Again. I called customer service. Again. I even spoke to the same person. She remembered me from the week before. She apologized -- again -- and said she would overnight me another shirt. I said no. By this time I just wanted my money back. Obviously there is no quality control at the company: the T-shirt guy isn't looking at the invoices, nobody is double checking his work and apparently the company doesn't own SpellCheck! (OK, maybe that was a little mean.)

So, my internet friends, stay away from Gifts For You, especially if you have a breed name more complicated than Pug. Can you imagine how badly they'd butcher Dachshund, Weimaraner, Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu? I'm really disappointed too, because I had already planned out fun t-shirts for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, most of my friends are German shepherd owners. Now I need to come up with a Plan B. Ideas anyone?

It's Thoughtless Thursday! And apparently T-shirt Guy is "devoid of or lacking the capacity for thought" (as thoughtless is defined by Click around and see what others are sharing today! -- K

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