Monday, April 13, 2015

K -- Kooky Things Show People Do

The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is televised in February every year. Millions of people watch it, including non dog show people. And every February "regular people" go on TV or the internet and comment on how strange dog show people are. You'll hear things like "Dog show people sure say 'bitch' a lot." [Yes we do. It's a perfectly acceptable and appropriate use of the word. Google it.] And "Did that judge just grope a dog?" [Yep. How else is she going to know the dog has both testicles?] I guess if you're an outsider some of the things dog show people take for granted might seem a bit weird. I asked a group of my fellow fanciers the following question:
"What things do you do that non dog show people wouldn't understand?"
I got some great answers and I'm sharing them today. I've redacted names and breeds because some of these people may be your neighbors -- and we like to pretend to be normal.

  • I always get a hotel room with two doubles instead of a king so my dog has her own bed.
  • I have one hair brush for me and five different ones for the dog.
  • My dogs' drying towel robes are far nicer than my tattered bathrobe.
  • I will think nothing of spending three hours drying my dog's hair but usually just throw my hair up wet.
  • I've used the dog comb to get my own hair under control when we're in the ring. (The dog is clean, the comb is clean, so what's the problem?)
  • When I have an important meeting or appointment I look in the mirror and think, "It's a shame to be all dressed up when there's no arm band involved!"
  • I think nothing of spending $25 on dog shampoo but use generic products on myself.
  • They use corn starch for cooking...I use it as whitening powder for my dogs feet.
  • I use my bra for storage...treats, poop bags, car keys, whatever!
I consider my Parent Club Pin, Breeder of Merit pin, and BBE Medallion my 'GOOD' jewelry.
I confuse sales ladies all the time because I turn down beautiful outfits that don't have pockets.
I've gone to work sick so I could save my personal time for dog shows.
I brought along my crates when car shopping and insisted on putting them in the test car to see if they fit.
When trying on suits, I run up and down the aisle in the dressing room to make sure the kick slit in the back is long enough.
I always want to smell a dog treat before buying it to see if it "stinks" good enough.

  • I don't buy clothes anymore without thinking, "Can I show in this? Will it look good with my dogs?"
  • I've faked being sick so I could leave work early to bathe my dogs.
  • I have a two flat irons for my dogs. I have never used a flat iron on my own hair!
  • I dress nicer on the weekends than I do during the week at work.
  • During show season I cook, cook, cook for the dogs. My husband stands in the kitchen next to the dogs who are also staring at me and he asks...."Is this for us or them?" I tell him, "Honey, you know we have a show next weekend!"
  • Sadly, I have more pictures of my dogs in my wallet than I do of my grandchildren.
  • A dog show is the only thing that will motivate me to get up at 5 AM bright eyed and bushy tailed!
  • Discussing in vitro fertilization and sperm quality during dinner -- at Olive Garden.
  • Before a show I posted: bathed, shaved, trimmed, teeth brushed, ears clean, ready for dog show. People thought I was talking about myself.

OK, so maybe dog show people can be a little odd. But you know what? I like it. Turns out, I'm a bit odd too! -- K

P.S. Anybody else brave enough to share their kookiness?

Tomorrow's topic: Lingo

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