Monday, December 14, 2015


I have German shepherds. Contrary to what you may think, they're not all that hard to groom. I brush them about once a week (more during the spring and fall when they're blowing coat). I trim the long hairs between their pads so they don't slip on the linoleum. I trim nails, brush teeth and clean ears as needed. When they get stinky (every 4 to 6 weeks or so) I shampoo them in the backyard. Jedi has a lush undercoat so I will blow him out with a forced air dryer. Roxy hates the dryer, so she just gets rubbed down with a couple of towels and then air dries. Granted, it gets more involved when preparing for a show, but when you look at some of these other breeds German shepherds are really pretty simple. There is none of the stripping, clipping, shaving, plucking, picking or scissoring involved with other breeds. Needless to say, my grooming skills are pretty basic. So, imagine my surprise when I saw the extreme grooming competition at the AKC Eukanuba National Championship this weekend. (Please excuse the picture quality, we were in too much disbelief to check the camera settings.)

I think it's a dragon. Or maybe a swordfish. I know that the head is
hidden in the yellow somewhere.

I'm a Wolverine fan. I named my dog Logan, after the character.
This, however, is EXTREME Fangirl.

This burro-dog is the one that threw Hubby over the edge.

This Super Mario Bros. dog is the one that amazed my son.

As far as I could tell, that was all hair and dog-safe spray paint. So what are you think? Did they take it too far? Would you do that to your dog? Could you do that to your dog even if you wanted to? Seriously, anything more than brushing is too much for me. Lucky, lucky Jedi!

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