Monday, May 30, 2016

UKC Nosework News

The UKC may be slow, but they send you certificates for everything. (This is very encouraging for insecure handlers like me!) These came in the mail today:

They certify that Jedi passed both the birch and anise tests last month and can now compete in novice and advanced UKC nosework trials. YEA!

Rumor has it there will be trials right here in Florida in October. I'm trying to convince a group of friends to join me, turning the trials into a couple of fun-filled dog, women and wine weekends. Not to brag, but you'd be a fool to turn down such an invitation!

Unfortunately, the UKC doesn't hand out information as freely as they do certificates. I'll have to ferret out details before the girls will say yes. So, this post is for them as much as it is for my blogging buddies. (BTW, Blogging Buddies are always welcome to crash the party!)

The upcoming UKC Nosework trials are Individual Element Classes, similar to the NACSW Specialty trials. (This is different from the NW1 title that my friends got earlier this month.)

To title, a dog must get two legs (qualifying scores) in each of the four elements -- interior, exterior, container vehicle -- for a particular scent. The October trials are set up so we can get Vehicles and Exteriors one weekend (Ocala), Containers and Interiors the following weekend (St. Petersburg). The clubs are running morning and afternoon trials of the same element each day. If we pass both we're good to go. If we only get one leg, it’ll carry over to another trial.

My friend had these car stickers made
for the entire nosework group!
UKC will accept the NACSW ORT for a particular odor. Good thing because most of my friends have ORTs. Those of us that don't can take Pre-Trials before the morning trials each day. However, I don’t think a dog can trial on that odor until the afternoon (we'll have to double check this). All five odors will be available for pre-trial testing at Ocala. We should test on everything while we have the chance. (NACSW doesn't offer vetiver and myrrh, so we should definitely knock those out!)

Like NACSW, birch is the first level. Passing these will earn us an NN (novice nosework) title. My trainer said the area of the interior search for birch would be about the size of the bathroom at her facility. We train in areas larger than that!

One tricky thing: UKC requires you to enter under A or B trial (like obedience). A is for the true novice (no titles anywhere). However, you can’t enter multiple A trials in the same event, regardless. Trainer says there’s no real difference between A and B, so to play it safe we should enter all B trials.

Also, there's a limit to how many people can enter a trial. Unlike NACSW which picks participants by lottery, UKC is first come, first served. Therefore, the sooner we enter, the better! I've emailed the St. Petersburg club asking for a premium. I will share when I get something. Trainer says she’ll get a premium for the Ocala shows to me as soon as possible too.

So, who's with me? I'm calling out Blondie, Red and Pittsburgh. And if RK can get her pup up to speed, we'll have a wine glass for her too. Anybody else? -- K