Sunday, September 16, 2012

FUN Match Recap

Yesterday was awesome! I am so sorry if you missed it. The weather was great, except for a 20 minute shower around noon. Thankfully we set the rings up under cover! I met some really interesting people. We had a husband/wife team judging for us. They are professional handlers in real life and are just as nice as can be. What a wealth of information, with some pretty fun stories too. I could have spent all day talking to them. And did I mention that they were really nice? Not at all like the snooty handlers I’ve met at other shows. 

We had more dogs participating this year. We had everything from a tiny Chihuahua to a pair of 6 month old mastiffs -- the size of German shepherds and still growing! Our big winner of the day was a long-haired dachshund. We had quite a few Belgian shepherds – sleek malinois, gorgeous tervuren and one lakenois. I’d never seen one of those before. They kinda look like ugly labradoodles. There were LOTS of German shepherds there too. (Imagine that!) Loyalville Kennels brought out a litter of 4 month old puppies to socialize. They were sooo cute – you know I helped “socialize” them. This was the first time a couple new members were able to show off their dogs. There was Gabriel, the most beautiful black and red shepherd I have ever seen. He has perfect cat feet and super soft ears. And I finally got to meet McKenna, a retired police dog. She is so smart! Her owner has been telling stories about her for months.   
I won!!
The raffle was a huge success. I spent too much money, as usual. But I did win something: a gift basket with a Frisbee, some treats, a squeaky toy and a Nylabone. I told Hubby that they’re early birthday presents for Puppy. 

The most exciting part of the day for me was seeing Zasha* and Trump again. Trump is from Zasha’s first litter. I love, love, LOVE him. I threatened to sneak him out in my purse last time I saw him. Unfortunately he’s huge, and I don’t have a purse big enough. I guess I’ll just have to wait for his half-brother to be born. Zasha is really showing. The poor girl is uncomfortably pregnant and feeling a bit moody. I don’t blame her, especially after seeing her ultrasound pictures (below). She is chock full of puppies – at least that’s what I’m told. I can never read these things. By the way, the anticipated whelp date is October 5th. I don’t know if I can make it another 3 weeks!! -- K

*Zasha is my future puppy’s mama. Keep up!

My puppy is in there somewhere

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