Sunday, September 30, 2012

Almost There!

I spent Thursday evening with a very pregnant Zasha. Hubby took a few pictures to document how big she's gotten. Her milk has already come in! I guess that's a good sign. I was told that if you're really careful you can feel puppies moving around inside her. I tried, but I couldn't feel anything. *sigh*

Zasha and I spent most of the night snuggling. She has the sweetest disposition and was soaking up the all the affection. With her huge belly in the way, there are a few spots that she can no longer reach. She would position herself so I could rub her belly and scratch her chest. When I would stop she'd stare at me with big, brown eyes and guilt me into starting up again.

Trump wasn't about to be ignored during all this. He kept bringing spitty toys for me to throw. (Notice the polka dotted pig in the picture?) Trump also likes belly rubs and would say thank you with a good ear licking. He's almost two, but has a lot of puppy in him. He and Hubby chased each other around the house and had us all laughing.

Zasha went in for x-rays on Friday. The vet counted seven puppies! They can come any day now. I can't wait. I hope my puppy has a temperament as nice as his mother and half-brother.

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