Sunday, September 2, 2012

Modern vs. Traditional Dog Training

I found this article online: Modern vs. Traditional Dog Training: What's the Difference? It kind of goes along with last week's book critiques. I find some validity in both camps, though I tend to lean towards the modern methods. I don't believe in forcing a dog to submit, though I DO believe in using the word "no." I guess I'll take the same approach to dog training that I did with child-rearing: read all you can, keeping an open mind. Then take what works for you and dump the rest. (Thanks Mom for that sage advice 24 years ago.) I think I have awesome kids. I've had some awesome dogs too, so I guess I'm doing OK. I'll keep you posted! -- K

Pepper & Logan would do anything for a cookie, which made training pretty easy!!

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  1. You are welcome for the advice, I guess. I am glad that you appreciate the awesomeness of my grandchildren. By the way--thanks for my grandchildren!
    Eli was the easiest to train of any being I have ever known. You could say, "Whenever I fart, go kill a gopher" and after every Mexican dinner the neighborhood would be pest free.