Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jedi's First Christmas

The German shepherd ornament looks like Logan
We made it through Christmas without any major incidents. I'm impressed. Jedi didn't try to climb on or pull down the tree like I had feared. whew. This year we put up the 4-foot Christmas tree (I have three trees -- don't ask) and barricaded it with an old shelf to protect the electrical cords. We also left the fragile and most precious ornaments in the storage box this year, just in case.

I've been collecting Christmas ornaments for over 30 years and each one has a story. It can take hours to decorate the tree because we reminisce about each ornament as it's unwrapped. Yeah, it's a corny tradition, but the boys and I love it. This year Son #2's girlfriend gave me an ornament in honor of Jedi joining our family. (See, she gets it. That's why I adore her.) The ornament is a snowflake, but when you look closely you see it's made of Yoda heads! I thought it was so interesting -- and thoughtful -- that I had to share.

Jedi is VERY food motivated.
The dogs got presents this year too -- mostly from other people, so I guess my goofy dog sickness is contagious! There were several squeaky toys and tugging ropes under the tree. My cousin sent a couple of really cool leashes in Star Wars and Batman themes (are we that transparent?! Yes -- but we're fun!) I worked Christmas day and was bored stiff. I guess the rest of the City had better things to do than let dogs run amok. The only store open Christmas day was Walgreen's. I popped in to get a Coke and look around. They had a dog puzzle toy on sale for $4.99. It's a round wooden box with a lip. Under the lip are flat, sliding wooden disks that cover holes in the box where you hide treats. The dog is suppose to figure out how to move the disks to uncover the treats. I've seen similar toys online for $30-40. The verdict on this one: It was too easy. Jedi and Roxy figured it out right away. The treats were gone in 30 seconds and then they were no longer interested in the toy. Another waste of money. sigh. At least it's not a creepy Sponge Bob balloon. That thing floated around for days before somebody finally popped it! Bummer toy aside, it was a good day. I hope you  -- and your dogs -- had a Merry Christmas as well. -- K

P.S. Holiday festivities can wear a dog out and I have pictures to prove it!!