Monday, December 24, 2012

Puppyhood Goes Fast

It’s been a while since my last post and many things have happened. For one, my pupturnity leave is over and I had to return to work last week. I miss my puppy something fierce during the day. Occasionally Hubby sends me updates, and that helps. Fortunately we have a busy household and there is usually somebody home with the dogs, even if it's not me. Jedi has never been in the crate for more than 2-3 hours at a time. I was worried Sunday because everybody was working and there was nobody at home. Luckily Jedi was able to spend half a day at work with me. He charmed the police officers with tricks and good behavior (he saved the “Devil Dog” routine for home -– good boy!) He also got to patrol the beach with me in the animal control truck. He was not impressed and promptly threw up.
Gucci -- NOT puppy friendly
Jedi is growing quickly. I would bet he's pushing 30 pounds. I’ll get an official weight from the vet this week at his 12 week check-up. He can now reach Roxy’s raised water bowl and jumps on the couch with no effort. (Yes, we let dogs on the couch). Jedi’s face and legs are noticeably longer, making him look gangly and disproportional. His fluffy puppy coat is being replaced with the shiny, coarser hair of an adult German shepherd. His ears are trying to stand up, but never when I have the camera handy. It’s usually the right ear, but the other day both were up, leaning on each other like a pair of drunken club girls at closing time. And last Friday I caught him lifting his leg while peeing. Again, I didn’t have the camera. On a not so cute note, Jedi has discovered the joys of digging and raiding the bathroom trash can. He thinks that used Kleenex and panty liners are buried treasures. Jedi also met Gucci face-to-face for the first time. I don’t know exactly what happened between the two of them, but apparently that 10 pound cat kicked his ass. Jedi came running down the hall screaming like a banshee. Curiously, there wasn’t a mark on him.
Jedi's first hole
We also signed up for puppy kindergarten classes out at K9 Obedience Club. Our first meeting was the day before I returned to work. It was people-only and there was a lot of information given out over the course of three hours. It made my head spin. Our first class with dogs is this Friday and I am very excited. Jedi sister, Pinky, and brother, Dozer (orange), will be there too. It’ll be fun to see everybody again. I haven’t been as diligent with Jedi’s training as I would have liked. Hopefully this will get us back on track.
It’s Christmas Eve and I have a lot to do (I’m working today, tomorrow and Wednesday – ugh) so I’ll catch up later. Merry Christmas to you all, -- K