Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions For Me & The Dogs

This is NOT my dog. My dogs would never go for this!!
It’s New Year’s Eve!

I’d like to take a few minutes to reflect on the past year.
What went well?

·       I was the show steward for our Club shows in Orlando last January. I didn’t mess it up and I learned a lot!
·         We had new members join the German Shepherd Dog Club including Breeder, her husband and sister -- all of whom I absolutely adore.
·         I started blogging!! Regular followers or not, this has been an incredible way to focus my thoughts and document the doggie part of my life.
·         After 9 months of flying solo at work, I finally got a new partner.
·         I’ve read a lot of good dog-related books (and several not-so-good ones too). Thanks!
·         Roxy and I participated in Dogtoberfest. We had fun and helped raise money for homeless animals.
·         Jedi!
What wasn't so good?
·         I’m still fat. Diet and exercise are tough and my willpower is weak.
·         We lost Logan. My heart still aches over it.
·         My organizational skills are about as good as my diet and exercise skills.
·         I suck at puppy-proofing.
·         Apparently I'm not that great at housebreaking either.
So now it’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions. Every year I half-heartedly say “I want to lose weight, save money, and declutter the house.” I'll do really well until Valentine’s Day, and then completely peter out by Easter. (In my defense, I did save for two years to get Jedi, so I’m not a total screw-up!) I’ve been told that my goal setting isn’t S.M.A.R.T. enough (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound), so let’s try again. I’m going to make the same three personal goals this year, trying to be more specific.
My goals for 2013:
1.      I will lose 35 pounds over the next 12 months. (It’s not nearly all I need to lose, but I need to start somewhere. Besides, the goal needs to be realistic and attainable, remember? Three pounds a month sounds doable.)
2.      I will save $500 -- to use on something frivolous next December. (That’s roughly $10/week. If I cut back on buying lunch during the week I might be able to fulfill #1 and #2 simultaneously!)
3.      I will reorganize the computer room and dining room, having both usable and presentable by my birthday. (This is harder than it sounds. Remember, I don’t live alone.)
 This year I would also like to add some dog-specific goals as well.
My goals for Roxy & Jedi in 2013:
1.      Jedi (and possibly Roxy) will earn Canine Good Citizen by Christmas 2013.
2.      Jedi and I will enter an AKC Conformation show. (P.S. This one scares me to death.)
3.      I will teach Jedi one silly trick or a game each month for the next year. (Why? Because it’s fun!)
4.      I will take Roxy for a car ride three times a week – even if we’re not going anywhere – just because she loves it so much.
I'm posting these goals publicly, hoping that it will make me accountable and keep me on track. I'll share my progress here and on Facebook. I'm also giving you, my faithful reader(s?) permission to gently nag. Suggestions on how to do all this are also welcome!
OK, enough reflecting and planning. I’m off to ring in the New Year with friends and family. Unfortunately, the dogs are staying home. See you in 2013. -- K