Thursday, February 21, 2013


GOOD NEWS: I’m attending the Florida Animal Control Association  (FACA) conference again this year! Animal Control Officers from all over the state get together to share ideas and learn new things. Some of this year’s topics include:

*  Florida’s Pet Lemon Law  *  Compassion Fatigue  *
*  Regulation of Pet Sales and Breeders  *  Hoarders  *
*  Capturing and Caring for Exotic Species  *
*  Promoting Pit Bulls  *  Making “No Kill” Work  *

Exciting, hunh? I can't wait. I learn something new every time I go.

BAD NEWS: I have to leave Jedi for three days. I’m sure Hubby and Sons will take good care of him while I'm away. Still, I’m going to miss my puppy. And I’m going to miss you too! My laptop has finally died so I won’t be able to post while I’m away (not that I'd have the time anyway). I hope to come back rejuvenated and full of information. I promise to share anything I find interesting. Catch you later. -- K