Tuesday, February 26, 2013

King of Kongs

Every year the FACA Conference holds a silent auction to raise money for Small Shelter Grants. I always take my checkbook! This year there were half a dozen giant Kongs up for bid. Jedi has outgrown his puppy Kongs, though he never seemed overly enthusiastic about them. I wanted to try out a big one, but they're $15+ in the store. I didn't want to waste that much money on something he might not like. I bid on three separate Kongs thinking I might be able to score one under my $5 limit. Silly me, I got all three for $14! I brought them home and Jedi loves them, though they're not much smaller than his head. He likes to chew them and try to throw them. Sometimes I'll put stuff inside to keep him busy in his crate while I'm doing something else (like blogging). I've smeared low fat cream cheese inside and frozen them. I stuffed one with peanut butter, banana and puppy chow. He seamed to like that too -- until Roxy stole it! Anybody else use Kongs? Do you have any fun recipes? I'll share anything I come up with as well. -- K